Julia Telser, Kirsten Grossmann, Ornella C. Weideli, Dorothea Hillmann, Stefanie Aeschbacher, Niklas Wohlwend, Laura Velez, Jens Kuhle, Aleksandra Maleska, Pascal Benkert, Corina Risch, David Conen, Martin Risch and Lorenz Risch. Concentrations of Serum Brain Injury Biomarkers Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Individuals with and without Long-COVID—Results from the Prospective Population-Based COVI-GAPP Study. Diagnostics 2023, 13, 2167. Zur Publikation



Risch, M., Grossmann, K., Aeschbacher, S., Weideli, O. C., Kovac, M., Pereira, F., ... & Risch, L. (2022). Investigation of the use of a sensor bracelet for the presymptomatic detection of changes in physiological parameters related to COVID-19: an interim analysis of a prospective cohort study (COVI-GAPP). BMJ open12(6), e058274. Zur Publikation